Gun control saves lives

but then the State and its bloodthirsty Military maintains campaigns of mass murder abroad, killing far more than any individual with a gun could ever imagine.

By supporting authoritarian measures for the solution of social problems you are enabling a concentration of power so vast and over-reaching that it can impose violence upon unconscionable numbers around the world.

In the face of this recurrent slaughter which is disproportionately meted out to the most impoverished regions around the globe, you would have the government take away the peoples’ ability to defend themselves against such concentrated violence.

The truth of the matter is that no legislation, more or fewer restrictions, will solve this problem of individual violence. It must be addressed through community organization, public awareness, and the enforcement of real justice through the voluntary provision of law and defense.

If you find yourself begging an institution of mass murder, incarceration and exploitation for tighter restrictions on the ability of others to defend themselves,

check your fucking privilege.